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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

«Why is XRumer better than any other software of this kind?»
XRumer is a fully automated submitter. Usually submitting software simply fills in the fields and posts messages. XRumer does way more thanks to unique technology that stands out from the crowd. This autosubmitter uses a huge database of forums, guestbooks, wikis and blogs to post messages to. The only thing a user has to do is to create a project (by filling in several fields like homepage URL, email address, body of a message, etc), choose a database — and hit the “Start” button. The process of submitting messages to tens of thousands of resources can take hours and hours, but no user intervention is required. Many XRumer users sleep while it does its work. To your convenience, XRumer allows you to set the number of simultaneously running threads (depending on the available bandwidth of Internet connection). The feature of XRumer many experienced programmers (not speaking about ordinary webmasters) cannot believe is its ability to work around most types of 'captchas' — specially developed to exclude bots from posting. The DEMO version of XRumer will show you its outstanding ability to post to captcha-protected forums, bu you will just get blown away by the full licensed version. But it is fundamentally different from other programs of its type — It's unique tool. Usually submitting software are built-in browser and will simply fills in the fields with prepared information and posts messages, but You need to add the link and enter to forum or blogs, guestbooks, bulletin boards, or social networks MANUALLY. The program is fully automatic and does not require user intervention once setup and running. All it requires from you is to provide the text for your advertisement, select your preferred database of sites you wish to target, choose your mode, and simply press the “START” button. Every of routine and tiresome steps the program does independently. Of course, using multi-threading.
XRumer uses unique technology to bypass and avoid more than 150,000 types of graphical captchas, 110,000 types of textual captcha,and can even defeat most website protection mechanisms that attempt to stop robots or automation software. — see Description of XRumer software.
«Is your software a spamm software? I do not like spam!»
XRumer is not meant to send spam website, but rather to assist you in placing your advertisements in specific areas on forumsand other types of sites such as, Advertising, Trade \ Sale, Offtopic, and other related sections. XRumer simply posts messages created by users, which cannot be illegal. Only if user with his messages does not violate the legislation by provoking racial hate or anything prohibited by the law. But this acts are made by Human and not by our software! Besides, in most cases XRumer is smart enough and find sections where advertising can be posted with permission of moderators and webmasters. Spam is unsolicited correspondence by EMAIL. XRumer is not an email spam bomber and should not be confused with such software. By legislation of USA, Russia, Canada, Spain, Germany, France and other countries is illegal only EMAIL messages which XRumer has nothing to do with.
«Why posting messages in forums is more efficient than spamming through email?!»
See for yourself. E-mail spam has been annoying people for a long time now, Quite efficient ways of fighting with unsolicited email was developed and made available for public. For an email spammer every 1 out of 1000 emails reaching a potential reader — is already luck!
because 999 emails are blocked by spam filters implemented both by ISP's and home users. With forums and guest books is not the case. On these recourses people come to read voluntarily. Any posted message will be read at least by one moderator. But a well-composed message with correctly placed links in its body, will initiate a live discussion over it, and will lead for clicks and high ranking of your website in Search Engines.
«I don't believe you. It is impossible to create software like this!»
You can see our promo video, to find out information about functions of our software, Also check out customers feedbacks and articles in press and blogs.
«Your software is indeed powerful and demanded. Can I resell it and keep all the profits for myself?»
No, we strongly recommend you not to break our TOS. Our software is copyright-protected and impossible to use without licensing from the developers. Violation of our TOS is tightly controlled, and if the fact of TOS violation will be detected account will be banned. But you can earn money using our affiliate program, by creating an account and by using of affiliate link for promoting xrumer. Each sale made via your affiliate link, bring you the amount from  20  to  140.
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