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FAQ about XRumer

«Is XRumer working only with phpBB forums?»
No, this autosubmitter and unversal robot works with many different engines — — forums, blogs, guestbooks, catalogs, wiki and many other engines. But the accent at XRumer development was placed on forums engines — phpBB, Invision Power Board (IPB), VBulletin and more. More details you can read in the program overview.
«How can I verify that the program can recognize and decode captcha at registration?»
You can You can view some video materials from site. In addition, we can do for you a test posting so that you will be 100% sure on software work.
«I already have a database of forums. Does the program need links to the creation of a new topic or the main page of the forum?»
It makes no difference. Program automatically parses the forum, imitating human behavior. If you enter the link to main page — the program will automatically find the forum, choose the needed topic etc.. If you will enter the link to the creation of a new topic it will take less time.
«Can the program be installed on a remote server? Or does it link to my IP?»
Of course you can. No link to your IP is made.
Just remember — XRumer is a  Windows OS desktop application.
«Do you plan to create a server version (for UNIX / Linux / FreeBSD)?»
Unfortunately, no. But it's possible to use XRumer from server with Windows  OS, using Remote Desktop (RDP)
«How does the verification of proxies work in XRumer?»
The program regularly (every half hour) downloads and checks for fresh proxy lists — although the process of proxy checking can be run manually, in the "Anonymity" tab. XRumer connects to several remote servers, receives lists, and then checks each proxy for anonymity and speed of response. Checking of proxies ends at collecting at least 10 working anonymous proxies. Found proxies are saved in xproxy.txt file and hereafter they are used by the program.
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